January 5, 2022

My 2022 pipeline

Time has been weird lately. I feel like so much has happened since 2019 and at the same time it was like time stood still. Now it’s 2022 and I’m starting my final semester at university. This year I will be working on my thesis, making plans for what will come afterwards, and continuing to work and support the organizations I’ve committed myself to as part of my mission. I have a couple of interesting projects in the works and have been collaborating with some really cool brands to help them show up online in the best way possible. I’m also saying goodbye to some of my oldest clients, who’s businesses have grown so much, they need an inhouse team to take care of their day to day, and I couldn’t be happier for them.

For the next few months my top priority will be my research, I will be spending most of my time and energy doing the work to get my thesis written up and published. I have tons of books and papers to read, I have pages and pages to write and a pretty large experiment to run, focused on the topic of privacy on digital spaces.

It’s important for me to be very deliberate when making my plans, and not trying to take on more than I can chew. I’m slowing down on new projects and new clients for the next six months, I will probably be slower to write and share content, but I can’t wait to finish and share my results here and in the communities I’m a member of.