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Ethics-driven digital solutions.

You don’t have to choose between your success & your values. Hi there, I’m Maria, I help brands create an online presence that reflects their values.

As ethical business owners we know to consider the impact of our operations. We think about our materials, supply chain, hiring practices, team culture… but what about our online presence?

Being online has been a life-saver for our businesses.

It allows us to reach bigger audiences with our message & level the playing field. Today, our online presence is key for our businesses to do well.

But sometimes our digital strategy doesn’t feel right.

We feel pressure to push out more content & chase the algorithm. But no matter how much we hustle, we feel like we are falling short.

We see the tricks & tactics we are told we have to use to succeed online & can’t help but feel a bit… yucky. We don’t want to trick & manipulate.

We don’t like it when these tactics are used on us & we worry about the impact they have on our health, our communities, & our planet.

Our digital presence is an amazing tool to communicate, inspire & empower.
But it can also be used to manipulate, deceive, & control.

With so many platforms, complicated tech jargon, & self-proclaimed gurus telling us how to be successful online, it can be very difficult to listen to our own voice.

No matter how well-meaning we are, we can end up making decisions that harm people, the planet, & ourselves. Our values are clear, but the path online is not so straightforward.

So… where do we go from here?

I believe wholeheartedly in the power of technology to be good for people & the planet. I know that ethical practices can lead to sustainable businesses: a true win-win scenario. I want to help you create, develop, & maintain an online presence that lives up to your brand’s values.

An ethical digital presence is built around 5 pillars:

Our online presence lets us reach & engage with people like never before, but it can also perpetuate & amplify systemic inequality, exclusion & injustice. At the core of an ethical digital strategy are the principles of Accessibility, Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion.

Thanks to new technologies we can tailor our communications to provide relevant & valuable content for our audience, based on the data they share. With the power of personalization comes the responsibility of respecting & safeguarding our audiences’ information.

Digital spaces allow us to reduce costs & breach distances, but these technologies also live in the material world, consuming resources & impacting people & planet. We have a responsibility to make informed & conscious decisions about our digital practices & the impact our operations have on the planet.

Digital content is fast-paced, easily spreadable & easily forgettable, this creates a space where misinformation, manipulation & deception can take place without accountability. Ethical digital strategies have truth an transparency as their guiding principles for all their communications.

Digital products & services can create delightful experiences, but they can also hurt people’s wellbeing by hijacking their attention & exploiting their vulnerabilities. The ways we are interacting with technology are relevant not only to our audiences, but also to ourselves, our teams & our collaborators. We need to be conscious of how they help or hinder our overall well-being.