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Hi there, I’m Maria.

I create ethical digital strategies, design, development & maintenance for brands looking to build a powerful, sustainable, & meaningful online presence.

/ Who I am

I’m a business owner, researcher & your ally navigating the digital world.

My Story

I was born and grew up in Latin America, and have been living in – and moving around – Europe since 2010. I bring with me all the experience & perspectives of someone who has had multiple places to call home.
Today, I live in Sweden with my partner and my two pups Waldi and Ente, getting a PhD in business, and working with brands and people all over the world.

My experience

I have been working with brands in digital design, development, and marketing for nearly 15 years. For most of my career, I offered white label consulting for businesses, stepping in to help their marketing departments get on with the latest digital trends, capture all the online leads, and hit their target numbers every quarter.

My purpose

After a few years in the industry, I was feeling burned out and, for the first time, I dreaded work. I realized I was helping my clients do things that felt icky, so I made a change: I went back to school, restructured my business and today I work towards creating safe digital spaces that provide opportunities for sustainable growth.

/ My Business

I help brands create a digital presence that reflects their values.

My mission is helping conscious organizations to ethically harness the power of their digital presence through design, development and marketing. 

My vision is to work alongside purpose driven brands, activists, creatives and researchers, to create sustainable and safe online spaces that benefit people and the planet.

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/ My Values

These principles guide the work I do & what I strive to be.


Being deliberate means moving with purpose. It’s about using critical thinking while focusing on quality, integrity, and accountability for our decisions.


Being nuanced means being open to complexity. It’s about a process of continuous improvement through a kind, curious and humble approach.


Being creative means imagining a better future, and the way to get there. It’s about embracing diversity, and letting freedom, playfulness, and joy lead the way.

/ My commitments

These are the steps I am taking, & the commitments I’ve made to live up to my values.

Digital Wellness is the optimum state of health and well-being that we can achieve while using technology. I use and create digital products and services in a way that promotes optimal health and well-being to live more fully within the human, natural, and digital communities.

Go To Well-being & Health

Justice, equity, diversity and equality are at the very core of what my work means to me. I strive to create digital spaces that are accessible, inclusive, welcoming and safe for people. I do this by incorporating the knowledge and lived experiences of diverse people around me.

Go To Accessibility & Inclusion.

From the mission of my business and all the way through my operations, my relationships with clients, suppliers and collaborators and my reporting. I want to be transparent about how I run my business, what I’m offering my clients and contributing to society and to be accountable.

Go To Truth & Transparency

If the web was a country, it would be the 7th largest polluter on the planet. I work hard to educate myself and reduce the impact my business, my projects and I have on the environment.

Go To Sustainability & Impact

Compliance with regulation alone can not assure privacy; it should ideally become an organization’s default mode of operation. Privacy is all about consent. What permission you give for your personal information to be collected, stored, and used. You can always manage and control the data you share with me.

Go To Privacy & Security.