Hello, I’m Maria.

I’m a researcher, developer and advocate for ethical digitalization. My approach? I look at the interconnectedness of our choices, understanding that every digital decision can profoundly shape our world. 

My story so far…

I bring my diverse background and lived experiences to all the projects I take on. I only work with those that align with my mission – ones I’m proud to put my name on. My story has led me here, and I’m excited to be part of yours.

Let’s chat

Latin American born, living in Europe since 2010. I’m now based in Sweden, pursuing a PhD and sharing my home with my partner and our two dogs Waldi and Ente.  

For over 15 years, I’ve helped brands with their digital presence. But after years in the industry, I found myself facing burnout, and dreading the work. I saw that I was helping clients with practices that didn’t sit well with me.

This was a wake-up call. Something needed to change. 

So I returned to academia, overhauled my business, and now, I am dedicated to building safe digital spaces that foster ethical and sustainable growth.

What I do to make a difference

I work with conscious organizations to leverage the power of their digital presence in an ethical, responsible way. Together, we create online spaces that reflect their values, benefit people and the planet, and contribute to their mission.

Tell me about what you do

At the core of my business:

My mission is helping purpose-driven organizations to ethically harness the power of their digital presence through design, development and marketing.

My vision is to work alongside brands, creatives, activists,  and researchers, to create responsible and safe online spaces that benefit people and the planet.

Working my way.

These values are the principles that guide my work. They allow me to create ethical and meaningful digital spaces that go beyond business goals and focus on truly making a positive impact.

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Deliberate action

I believe in moving with purpose towards quality and impact. And making decisions with intention and integrity, and holding ourselves accountable for their impact.

Nuanced approach

I value continuous learning and growth, embracing the complexity of each unique situation and navigating them with kindness, curiosity, and humility. 

Creative exploration

For me, creativity is envisioning a better future and charting the path to get there. It involves embracing diversity and allowing freedom, playfulness, and joy to guide our journey.

Shared wisdom

I embrace the strength of many voices, integrating the collective wisdom, perspectives and experiences of my community with my own. Meaningful creation is working with our audiences, not just for them.

How I’m walking the walk…

These are the steps I am taking to make my digital presence live up to my values.

Compliance with regulation alone can not assure privacy; it should ideally become an organization’s default mode of operation. Privacy is all about respect. How you want your personal information to be collected, stored, and used. You can always manage and control the data you share with me.

More about privacy

From the mission of my business and all the way through my operations and relationships to clients, collaborators and suppliers, I want to be transparent about how I run my business. This is how I remain accountable about my efforts in my business.

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Digital wellness is all about finding the best balance of health and happiness when we use technology. In my work, I focus on making and using digital tools that help boost our well-being, and let us thrive in our human, nature, and digital ecosystems.

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Justice, equity, diversity and equality are at the very core of what my work means to me. I strive to create digital spaces that are accessible, inclusive, welcoming and safe for people. I do this by incorporating my knowledge and lived experiences, and those of the diverse people around me.

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If the web was a country, it would be the 7th largest polluter on the planet. I work hard to educate myself and reduce the impact my business, my projects and I have on the environment.

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