Our online
footprint matters.

Doing well shapes our success, doing good
our impact.

Hi there, I’m Maria.

I work with purpose-driven brands to create powerful, sustainable and meaningful digital spaces. Going from strategy, to development and ongoing support.

I create digital solutions for brands that live by their values.

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Today, an online presence is essential for our businesses.

Being online is no longer a “nice to have”, it is a necessity for doing business. It gives us the opportunity to reach wider audiences, to level the playing field, and to amplify our message in ways we couldn’t before.

Having a digital presence has allowed small businesses to grow, new voices to be heard, and ideas to be shared on a global scale. It has given us the tools to communicate with, inspire, and empower our audiences.

But sometimes our digital presence doesn’t feel right.

We feel pressure to push out more and more content to chase the algorithm. But no matter how much we hustle, we still feel like we are falling short of where we should be.

The ways we’re told to succeed online can make us feel uncomfortable. We don’t like pressure, tricks and manipulation, and don’t want to use them on our audiences.

We worry about the impact of technology on our well-being, our communities, and the planet. But we are not sure there is anything we can do about it.

With so many platforms, complicated tech jargon, & self-proclaimed gurus telling us how to be successful online, it can be very difficult to listen to our own voice.

Transform your digital presence

And there are unintended consequences…

No matter how well-meaning we are, we can end up making decisions that harm our brand, our team, our audience or our planet. Because we don’t always see the whole picture behind the technology we choose to use:

“Digitalization has the potential to create opportunity, value & success. But they must be achieved through fairness, honesty & integrity.”

Creating ethical digital experiences

Knowing what we stand for is just the first step. Our values are clear, but the path to implementing them online is not so straightforward.

That’s where I come in. I will help you create and maintain a powerful online presence that serves your goals and your bigger purpose.

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Accessibility & Inclusion

The web is for everyone. It’s essential to build digital spaces that are accessible and respect and represent diverse experiences. Prioritize content that is available to people with disabilities, and inclusive of varying races, ages, orientations, and identities. This not only fosters an equitable digital space, but also opens your brand to larger, diverse audiences.

Sustainability & Impact

Your digital footprint can be more sustainable than you think. By optimizing your website’s efficiency and considering its environmental impact, you can contribute to a more sustainable internet. Plus, by understanding your impact, you can make informed decisions that align with your commitment to sustainability.

Truth & Transparency

Building trust online starts with being truthful and transparent. By avoiding manipulative tactics and misleading information, you show your audience that you respect them and value their trust. Being transparent about your processes, intentions, and impact fosters a trustworthy relationship with your audience and sets you apart in a digital landscape filled with disinformation.

Privacy & Security

Respect for privacy and a commitment to security are fundamental in today’s digital world. By ensuring that your digital space is safe and that you handle data responsibly, you show your audience that you respect their privacy and are dedicated to protecting them. This builds trust and confidence in your brand, and it ensures you meet important legal and ethical standards.

Health & Well-being

The digital world can be stressful and demanding. By promoting healthy digital habits and creating content that enhances wellbeing rather than diminishing it, you align your digital presence with a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. This approach can lead to better engagement with your audience, improved team wellbeing, and a more positive online culture.

So… where do we go from here?

I believe wholeheartedly in the power of technology to be good for people & planet. I know that ethical practices can lead to sustainable businesses: a true win-win scenario. 

It’s time we redefine what it means to be successful online. It’s time we navigate the digital world not just with the goal of doing well, but also doing good.

Be part of the change

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