August 22, 2022

EDN Event: Building Cookieless Websites

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Earlier this year I joined the Ethical Design Network started by Trine Falbe, the amazing author of White Hat UX and The Ethical Design Handbook. Along with Tiziana d’Agostino, Jarijn Nijkamp, Raffaella Isidori and Lexi Namer, we joined what we called the steering committee, which just means we help coordinate events, and support the network in different ways. I started by helping build the website for the network and now I have an event coming up for the members of the network and anyone else who wants to join.

Here is the invitation, as posted in the network:

Our upcoming August event is a fireside chat with Maria Arango Kure from Doing Well & Good about building cookieless websites.

We’ll discuss the alternatives we have for achieving the performance and gathering the insights we need, without infringing on our audiences’ privacy.

The event takes place online Monday 29th of August at 6 to 7PM CET.