Truth & Transparency

From the mission of my business and all the way through my operations, my relationships with clients, suppliers and collaborators and my reporting. I want to be transparent about how I run my business, what I’m offering my clients and contributing to society and to be accountable.

/Transparency in action

Stakeholder Governance.

The idea behind stakeholder governance is to ensure that companies consider the interests of all of their stakeholders — customers, workers, suppliers, communities, investors, and the environment — in their decision-making. I have baked this idea into the very DNA of my business through accountability to every stakeholder and helping those who work with me to do the same.

/Mission driven

It starts with the mission.

My mission is to help new and small organizations harness the power of their digital presence through design, development, and marketing, ethically. By using best practices in digital sustainability, inclusion, privacy, wellbeing and transparency, I will develop, execute and maintain strategies to achieve sustainable growth for my clients, their communities, and the planet.

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Turning words into action.

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