Design for diversity.

July 23, 2022

Accessibility & Inclusion.

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People tend to think of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts in terms of workshops, hiring and employee resources. These efforts are all incredibly important. In my current position as a one-person show, I want to take on diversity, equity and inclusion with my actions; specifically with my approach to creating products, services and content. 

Core question #1

What’s the worst-case scenario, and on whom?

Core question #2

How do the identities within your team influence and impact your design decisions?

Core question #3

Who might you be excluding?

Core question #4

How will you engage the people you want to reach within your design process, equitably?

Core question #5

Is the ongoing process of improving your product/service informed by The Source?

I use Project Inkblot’s D4D Framework as my starting point in this journey, sharing in in their language and terminology and following their critical thinking questions as I approach all my projects both personal and professional.

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