Code of Ethics

April 18, 2021

Truth & Transparency

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Ethics are at the forefront of my work, they are part of the DNA of my business and guide the actions that I take as a person, business owner and member of society. In the following lines you will find my guidelines for doing business. They are written as positive affirmations and represent the ethical stance I take on my day to day work. However, I acknowledge that I am not perfect and that on occasion, I might fail to meet my own set of guidelines. I invite all stakeholders in my business to keep me accountable to these commitments.

As a person & a citizen

I am first and foremost a human being, and a part of society. As such, I have a responsibility to people and the planet to leave them better than I found them. Before being a designer, a developer, a marketer or a business owner I am a person who believes in making a positive impact in the world.

  • I take responsibility for the impact of my actions, and will do everything in my power to make it a positive one.
  • I take the time for self-reflection and learning, I do not rely on defaults and strive to grow my knowledge.
  • I communicate inclusively, truthfully, & clearly.

As a creator

My work affects people, and any work that I produce which relies on perpetuating systems of oppression, deception or exploitation to succeed means that I have fallen short in my obligations. When the work I create causes harm, either by design or by negligence, I am responsible for that harm.

  • I pause to consider all consequences of my work, intended and unintended.
  • I evaluate my work based on its impact rather than its form or technical skill.
  • I do not create, help in creating or overlook the creation of work that causes harm.
  • I create work that positively impacts the people who will be affected by it: inclusive, respectful and just.
  • I will involved those impacted by everything I create from the very start of the process.
  • I will continuously review my processes ensure my work benefits the common good.

As a member of a professional community

I am a part of a professional community. Every single one of us contributes to the development of our profession and our industry, every thing I do reflects on the people who share my job.

  • I ask for help when I am uncertain about the impact of my work.
  • I invite, welcome and act on criticism, even when it is hard.
  • I stand up against the pressure to prioritize profits above people and the planet.
  • I welcome a diverse and competitive, and see my colleagues as allies in the bigger fight, not rivals
  • I take responsibility for my part in changing the marketplace to be sustainable, fair and equitable.

Towards my clients, audiences & collaborators

I owe the people who hire me not just my labor but my counsel. I am not hired to execute a job blindly and unquestioning, I am hired because of my knowledge and experience. I am responsible for putting the best interests of my clients, my audiences and society ahead of my own.

  • I help my readers, collaborators and clients make the best choice for their needs, not mine.
  • When the work I’m asked to create is flawed or harmful, it is my responsibility to flag it and fix it.
  • I strive to improve understanding of the impact of what we create, favoring accessibility, clarity and transparency.

Towards society & the planet

My work has an impact that goes beyond just myself and my clients; staying within my field of expertise without acknowledging my privilege and using it for the greater good would be wasteful and pointless.

  • I help others understand and discuss the power and challenges of technology
  • I recognize the need to break the cycle of consumerism and use business as a force for good.
  • I participate in the democratic process of regulating my field, even though it is difficult.
  • I fight for democracy and human rights, and to improve the institutions that protect them.
  • I work towards a more equal, inclusive and sustainable future for us all, following the United Nations global goals.

I have written my code of ethics after studying the work done by Mike Monteiro in his Designer’s code of ethics, The Tech Pledge which was written by 150 people in tech gathering for Techfestival 150, building on previous years work, The Copenhagen Letter and The Copenhagen Catalog, and the ethical marketing pledge by The Ethical Move.

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